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Each student writes down one english word on a piece of paper and I write a word down on the chalkboard.
- It is important that the students do not show or tell their word to anyone.

I start telling a story making sure to include the word that I have written down on the chalkboard in my story.
Then, each student continues the story in turn with the rule that they must use the word that they wrote down on the peice of paper in their part of the story.

The students not speaking must listen to the speaker and try to guess which word they speaker wrote down on their paper. Once the speaker is done all of the students write their guesses for the "special word" on their papers and I write my guess on the chalkboard.

Once all the students have told their part of the story, we figure out who got the most words correct.

usually to fill a class you must tell two stories.

If there is still time, we play the dinosaur game.
In this game each student makes a dinosaur with their hand describes things that their dinosaur can do.
If a student repeats an action or cannot think of an action they are out.
(Idea taken from CUEB WIKISPACES)