1º F. P. E. G. S. (Secretariado)


Unit 1: Who are you?

  • p.4/5 In Company (Elementary). MacMillan. rading and filling up information.ex. 1-4.

Unit 2: Mobile phones.

  • Reading a text: p. 12 In Company (Elementary). MacMillan. ex. 1 - 6.

Unit 3: Daily Routine.

  • Reading a text: p.15/16 In Company (Elementary). MacMillan. ex. 2 -10

Unit 4: Correspondence.

  • Reading Customer Enquiries. p.20/21 ex. 1-2.

Unit 5: The company web page.

  • Reading text: p. 7/8 In Company (Pre-Intermediate). MacMillan. ex. 1-3.

Unit 6: Telephone Talk.

  • Reading a text: p.15 In Company (Pre-Intermediate). MacMillan. ex.4-7 p.16.on the phone.doc
  • Indirect questions: p. 18. ex. 1-4.
  • Telephone Phrases: p. 19
  • English for the telephone: Exercises on the topic "Answering the phone".

Unit 7: English Business Letters.

  1. Making an Enquiry
  2. Replying to an Enquiry
  3. New Account Terms and Conditions
  4. Basic Business Letters
  5. Writing a Cover Letter when Applying for a Job
  • Full Block Business Letter Components: This sample includes the formal components of full block business letters. Some of these components are optional for typical, employment-related business letters.

Unit 8: Getting a Job.

  • Job Search:
  1. Activity 1: Where to look.
  2. Activity 2: Describing Ability.
  3. Activity 3: Company Departments.
  4. Activity 4: Selection Part 1.
  5. Activity 5: Selection Part 2.
  6. Activity 6: Job Advertisements 1.
  7. Activity 7: Job Advertisements 2.

  • CVS
  1. Activity 1: Compiling a CV.
  2. Activity 2: What makes a good CV?
  3. Activity 3: Organising Information.
  4. Activity 4: A Sample CV.
  5. Activities:

Guide to writing curriculum vitae and cover letters including free CV samples and examples.
CV Example

  • Covering Letters
  1. Activity 1: Letter Content.
  2. Activity 2: Useful Phrases.
  3. Activity 3: Matching Skills with Jobs.
  4. Activity 4: Style Part 1.
  5. Activity 5: Style Part 2.

Sample Cover Letter Format Guidelines.
Example Letter 1.
Sample Cover Letter: conservative/formal.
Sample Cover Letter: creative/informal.
Sample CVs and Application Covering Letter.
Covering Letter Tips and samples.

  • Interviews
  1. Activity 1: Preparing for the Interview.
  2. Activity 2: Interview Tips.
  3. Activity 3: FAQs.
  4. Activity 4: Responding Positively.
  5. Activity 5: Vocabulary Check.

Job Interview Bootcamp - Preparing For The Interview
Job Interview Bootcamp - Questions You Should Ask

Job Interview Bootcamp - Answering Interview Questions
Job Interview Bootcamp - Interviewing Strategy
Job Interview Bootcamp - Executing The Interview
How to Get Hired - Job Interview Tactics (Video)
STEP Sample Job Interview
Interview Tips: Tell me about yourself -- the GOOD answer

Unit 9: Birth of the Internet.

  • Reading Text p. 25 In Company (Macmillan) and complete. ex.3.Internet.doc
  • Answer questions ex.4. p.26.
  • Follow-up questions. ex. 9
  • Subject/Object Questions.SubjectObjectQuestions.odt
  • Writing: Company History.

Unit 10: Locating People.

Unit 11: CVs and application letters. (English for Secretaries and Administrative Personnel. Mc GrawHill)

  • Job advertisements
  • CVs and résumés.
  • Letters of application.
  • Grammar: Past Simple.
  • Job interview strategies.

Unit 12: Requests. (English for Secretaries and Administrative Personnel. Mc GrawHill)

  • Request letters.
  • Response letters.
  • Company advertising.
  • Grammar: Gerunds. Present Continuous.

Commercially Speaking. Oxford

Grammar Points:

Unit 10
Present Perfect.Yet/Already1
Present Perfect.Yet/Already2
Present Perfect.Yet/Already3

First Conditional1
First Conditional2
First Conditional3


Linking Words I
Linking Words II
Linking Words and Phrases
Linking Words and Phrases II
Transitions and linking words
English/Spanish Glossary of Connectors
Sentence Connectors


ESL Flash Quiz-Connectors
Linking Words: Multiple Choice
Linking Words Worksheet
Printable English Exercises: Linking Words
ESLFlow Linking Words

Relative Clauses

Relative Clauses + exercises
Oraciones de relativo
Relative Clauses
How to use a relative clause
English Worksheets and resources- Relatives
Relative Pronouns

Defining Relative Clauses Exercise at Auto-English
Relative Pronouns (Quiz)
Mixed-up sentence exercise (relatives)
Defining R.P. (printable)
Relative pronouns Exercise
Exercise on relative clauses
Relative Pronouns (filing the gap)

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