In preparation for this class, students should read this page.

At the beginning of class put the following code on the board:

Bnmfqzstkzshnmr nm cdbhogdqhmf sgd bncd!
Snczx (???) vd vhkk chrbtrr gnqnrbnodr.

Tell the students that class will not beging until they solve the code.
The more english they speak to each ohter in trying to solve the code the more hints I give. Speaking english=solving the code.

Once they solve the code start with the horoscope lesson.

Make sure each student understands their horoscope.
Ask if their horoscope is accurate.

Things to talk about:
Is your horoscope accurate?
Are other horoscopes better for you?
Will you use your horoscope to help you with your life.
What do you think about people who read their horoscopes everyday?
Who writes horoscopes?
What are horoscopes based on?
Do Chinese people have something similar to horoscopes?