Countries Where English is Spoken

English is an official language or is predominantly spoken in the following countries. Find out interesting facts on sights, history, culture and people from English speaking countries. Click here

antbarb.jpg Antigua and Barbuda
Australia.jpeg Australia
Bahama.jpeg Bahamas
Barbados.jpeg Barbados
Belize.jpeg Belize
Botswana.jpeg Bostswana
Canada.jpeg Canada
Dominica.jpeg Dominica
Fiji.jpeg Fiji
Gambia.jpeg Gambia
ghna.jpg Ghana
Grenada.jpeg Grenada
guyana.jpg Guyana
India.jpeg India
Ireland.jpeg Ireland
Jamaica.jpeg Jamaica
Kenya.jpeg Kenya
Kiribati.jpeg Kiribati
Liberia.jpeg Liberia
Malawi.jpeg Malawi
malta.jpg Malta
marshall_islands.jpg Marshall Islands
mauritius.jpg Mauritius
micronesia.jpg Micronesia
namibia.jpg Namibia
new_zealand.jpg New Zealand
nigeria.jpg Nigeria
pakistan.jpg Pakistan
palau.jpg Palau
panama.jpg Panama
papua.jpg Papua New Guinea
phillipines.jpg Philipines
rwanda.jpg Rwanda
saint_kitts.jpg Saint Kitts and Nevis
sainta_lucia.jpg Saint Lucia
saint_vincent.jpg Saint Vincents and the Grenadines
seychelles.jpg Seychelles
sierra_leone.jpg Sierra Leone
singapore.jpg Singapore
south_africa.jpg South Africa
swaziland.jpg Swaziland
tanzania.jpg Tanzania
trinidad_and_tobago.jpg Trinidad and Tobago
united_kingdom.jpg United Kingdom
united_states.jpg United States
vanuatu.jpg Vanuatu
zambia.jpg Zambia
zimbabwe.jpg Zimbabwe

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