Have each student place a card with a noun written on it on their forehead.

Break the students up into groups of 4. Once in the groups the students take turns asking questions to the other members of the group to try to discover the name on their card.

When a student gets the name on the card they can be given another name by the teacher.

Options for Countries

Argentina, Chile, Equador, America, France, Germany, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, England, Ireland, Switzerland,

Italy, Russia, Spain, Portugal, Turkey, China, Vietnam, South Korea, Japan, India, Mongolia, Iraq, Iran, Israel,

North Korea, Australia, Singapore, Thailand, Cambodia

Options for People

George Bush, Mao Zedong, Tony Blair, George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Yao Ming, Britney Spears,

Michael Jordan, Bill Clinton, Albert Einstein, Charles Darwin, Jesus, Bill Gates, David Beckham, Shaquille

Oneal, Tiger Woods, Confucious, Elvis Preseley, Chrisopher Columbus, Martin Luther King, Leonardo da Vinci,

William Shakespeare, Karl Marx, Ghengis Khan, Muhammad Ali

(Idea taken form CUEB WIKI)